Waterfall Braid

What is a Waterfall Braid?


Braids are considered to be one of the most popular hairstyles nowadays. A braid is known to be a complex pattern or structure formed by intertwining two particular strands of hair. This hairstyle gained popularity because it adds a feel of complexity and splendor to a rather dull and boring hairstyle. There are various methods of performing a hair braid. In fact, each of which is given a specific name, which serves as an overall description to the braided hair. One such type of hair braid is known as the waterfall braid. What exactly is a waterfall braid? Here is a brief description.

A waterfall braid, or otherwise known as a fairytale braid because of the fact that this particular hairstyle is used in most fairy tales, gives elegance and beauty to a seemingly ordinary braided hair. This is a specific type of variation of a French braid, which is a type of braid wherein the hair is basically divided into three sections that are then gathered together near the scalp.

The variation lies in the fact that a waterfall braid has numerous strands hanging down together with the two intertwined strands from before. This is also the reason why the hairstyle is name as such. The design of your hair resembles that of the flowing waters in a waterfall. Moreover, the waterfall braid exhibits a certain complexity that an ordinary French braid could never match. This accounts for the popularity of this particular type of braided hairstyle.

The waterfall braid is indeed one of the most exciting and extravagant variations of the basic three stranded braid otherwise known as the French braid. Not only does this particular hairstyle offer you the beauty, majesty and intricacy that you need in a hairstyle, it also allows you to become the fairytale princess that you really are.

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